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Ought to the Man Present for a Girl 100%? Or is 50/50 OK?

This query, or some variation of it, retains circulating in my fb group for Excessive Worth Female Girls. 

As a consequence of the truth that this query produces polarising dialogue, there’s all the time a small variety of ladies who inevitably insult different ladies for having 50/50 relationships. 

I perceive. Some ladies have been by means of the wringer with the incorrect sorts of males.

After having these painful experiences, they assume that as a result of their ex boyfriend who requested for 50/50 used and abused them, that the issue is the 50/50 setup. 

They assume that any man who suggests or needs a 50/50 setup is trying to make use of a lady financially and sexually. 

The Downside Is Not The 50/50 Setup, It’s THIS…

Once more, we see ladies settling for floor, primary pondering.

Women, the issue will not be within the 50/50 monetary setup.

The issue is in the truth that you don’t have the emotional dedication that you really want from the person.

And also you in all probability don’t have it since you and this explicit man will not be romantically in love, forming an unique bond collectively that’s inconceivable to interrupt.

Sure, these bonds exist. And so they can exist for you.

Nevertheless, when you could have sufficient dangerous experiences with males on the market, you overlook the center of the problem.

You understandably turn into harm and annoyed, and begin pointing the finger on the incorrect issues, like cash or 50/50 monetary setups.

You can begin to consider that if a person doesn’t present 100%, then he’s not the person for you, and he’s a low worth man. 

This isn’t true. A excessive worth man may very well be in any sort of monetary scenario and nonetheless be a excessive worth man!

(Very similar to an unfit or obese lady can nonetheless doubtlessly produce wholesome offspring, a financially struggling man can nonetheless provide sources and be resourceful.)

Everybody is aware of that girls need sources. All of us need sources. 

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Nevertheless, after we single out being 100% financially supplied for as the last word worth, and resolve that if a person is not prepared to do it (or can’t do it) it have to be a deal breaker – then we’re doing ourselves a disservice by solely attracting, or searching for a transactional relationship. 

And in that scenario, we aren’t searching for love. 

So, if that’s your rule, then don’t anticipate finding love or emotional dedication. Look forward to finding financial sources and transactions, nothing else. 

As a result of it is just after we date for, and search for love, that we are able to entice a person’s full emotional dedication to us. 

Emotional dedication begins with love and connection. Right here is an article I wrote on Girls Who Date for Sources VS Girls Who Date for True Love.

YOUR Guidelines for males equate to a scarcity of female radiance

With the intention to entice love into your life, you must BE love and embody love and radiance.

In case you don’t, you miss alternatives to fall in love and discover emotional dedication.

Any lady who has guidelines for males to supply for her 100% will not be embodying love. Neither is she female. She’s simply obtained some guidelines!

That’s not what female power is. Such a rule and expectation-based angle is definitely referred to as closure and separation.

YOUR guidelines for the boys you date encourage extra disconnects with males. Positive, you’ll be able to have some preferences, values and requirements.

However if you lead with this rule-based angle, you create disconnects, and that’s all the time low worth!

And for those who assume that not having a rule that claims a person “ought to” present means you being “lower than” different ladies, I’d counsel you to assume once more.

That might be like a person saying “If the ladies I meet don’t sleep with me on the primary date, then I’m lower than different males.”

Respect that your guidelines for a way males needs to be are YOUR guidelines. (They’re a dialog that you’re having with your self, not with a person).

You primarily need one thing for your self, with a purpose to minimise your individual vulnerability and danger. And having such an power mechanically creates a sense of separation between you and any man. 

You create a wall between your self and the divine connection that your coronary heart needs to expertise with a person. 

There’s many ladies on the market who assume it’s empowering to have such a rule.

However what if it’s not really empowering?

What if it doesn’t make you a powerful lady?

What if as a substitute, it’s mechanically severing any intimacy, love and bonding you’ll be able to obtain with each excessive worth man you meet? 

The extra guidelines you could have for males, the much less radiant they may really feel you to be. 

The much less guidelines you could have, and the extra you hook up with males first, the extra radiant and mesmerising you’ll be. 

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Worth is available in many types inside a dedicated relationship…

There are many totally different sorts of worth inside a dedicated relationship the place the person and lady are in love with one another. 

And this turns into very true when you could have youngsters. 

Typically, I see ladies who’re single with out youngsters who’re very large on this concept of being  financially supplied for 100% by a person. 

After feeling fairly shocked on the insults and judgements thrown round at different ladies who’ve 50/50 relationships, we thought we’d handle this matter and give you a solution.

Case research: Find out how Kristin went from being utterly burnt out with on-line courting, sick of getting ghosted and utterly exhausted from giving her coronary heart and soul with nothing in return… To having excessive worth males begging for her consideration & having probably the most “electrical” date of her complete life. (…All by altering one easy technique.)

The aim will not be all the time to get to a particular quantity…

Let me first begin by saying that the goal is to not get to a particular quantity within the relationship. You don’t essentially must goal for 50/50, 40/60, 90/10 or 100%.

It’s rather more necessary to only really feel the scenario and reply to how issues really are in actuality. 

Every relationship enters its personal rhythm and while you would possibly begin off paying 50/50 payments with a person, you could sooner or later in your relationship journey find yourself being supplied for 100%.

I’m supplied for 100% by my husband. Nevertheless, it was not all the time like this. And I by no means did lead with some guidelines that acknowledged that it’s a man’s job to “defend” and “present”. 

I desired to be protected and supplied for, like many different ladies on the market.  

Nevertheless, I didn’t worth my guidelines for a way he needs to be, earlier than I valued him and our connection.

My husband got here to this choice to supply for me 100% (and extra), by himself. He selected it, and he all the time maintains that I “earned it”. It was by no means a commerce.

It was by no means a rule, as a result of my guidelines for him wouldn’t be including any worth to him.

And that’s what numerous ladies don’t perceive, maybe as a result of they don’t need to perceive, or maybe as a result of they’ve by no means skilled real love with a person.

You need sources. Nevertheless, the actual sources you need comes from a person genuinely valuing you and being in love with you. Not from having your individual egocentric rule about how HE needs to be for you.

There are many different varieties of worth inside a relationship which have little to do with cash. 

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If in case you have a rule that males ought to present 100% if you date, you’re a worth extractor

In case you give attention to what males needs to be and do for you, and you find yourself going right into a relationship with a person with this rule and “commonplace” for a way he needs to be offering for you financially 100% and no much less, you’re mainly being a value-extractor.

Which means you should have no relationship altogether, since you set it up as a commerce from the beginning.

In case you enter the courting world with guidelines {that a} man has to supply 100% (as that’s his “function” or “job”), then you’re a dealer. 

You aren’t being female, opposite to what many ladies consider. 

Connection drives female power. Not guidelines and trades. 

Connection is the lifeblood of the female. 

Once more, there’s nothing incorrect with being supplied for 100% by a person.

However there might be hassle for you and in your love life, for those who select to place guidelines and expectations on males, and consider that this angle will really encourage males to really worth you.

By the best way, relating to males valuing you, you could be excited by my article on How To Make Him Chase You & Worth You [High Value Women Secrets] 

The Cash & Your Guidelines Received’t Increase Your Youngsters

In case you enter a relationship with a commerce in thoughts, which may give you consolation and pleasure, however it’ll by no means fulfil your soul, and it’ll by no means increase your youngsters. No sum of money will increase your youngsters for you. 

(As a mom of three lovely boys, I’ve realised that regardless of having a lot to dwell on, it’s not the cash that’s elevating them. It’s who my husband and I’m, and our inner resourcefulness that’s elevating them.)

Resourceful mother and father who’re in love increase youngsters. 

THIS Is What “Requirements” Are Actually For!

You see, “requirements” are meant for ourselves. We are supposed to maintain ourselves to excessive requirements, before everything.  


As a result of that is how we encourage others, particularly males, to do extra for US. That’s the excessive worth lady’s means of getting every part she dreamed of from a person. 

You might be alleged to be the one that holds your self to excessive requirements. That’s the one long-term, sustainable solution to have a excessive worth relationship. 

You see, not solely does being a value-extractor detract from your individual worth as a lady, when you could have a transactional relationship, you’ll by no means really feel emotionally safe in that relationship. 

You’ll be apprehensive about different ladies desirous to ‘stage up’ and steal your man. You’ll be apprehensive about your man falling in love with another person.

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A majority of these worries will floor for you as a result of someplace deep down in your coronary heart, you’ll know that actual safety in a relationship comes from the standard of the connection and attraction in that relationship.

(Not by means of your “guidelines”, “requirements” and “expectations” for what males ought to do for YOU.)

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Girls use Guidelines Round Cash To Compete With Different Girls

You see, this matter of whether or not males ought to present 100% financially could be very triggering for lots of women and men. 

It seems as if some ladies use this expectation that males SHOULD defend and supply, and supply 100% financially for a girl as a solution to really feel superior to different ladies and compete with them.

Girls are aware of the envy and the jealousy {that a} devoted husband, a wealthy husband, or a excessive standing husband can set off in different ladies.

(Envy is ubiquitous amongst ladies of child-bearing age, and right here’s a research on that matter.).

And a few ladies need to feed off of the envy of different ladies. They really feel superior to different ladies due to it.

Not all ladies are like this, in fact! However there are some who’re like this.

It’s normally those with insecure attachment, who’re disconnected from different people, and who’ve hassle with intimacy that really feed off the envy of their similar intercourse “rivals”.

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(Why is that this necessary? It’s as a result of your core attachment model largely dictates and influences what occurs in your relationship. Thus it’s crucial you perceive your core attachment model!) 

Girls Who Don’t Belief Love Are Scared…

However it’s the ladies who’re too scared of abandonment to belief love, that find yourself appearing as if demanding that males present 100%, is what’s going to free their soul and make their lives infinite.

I sincerely hope that competing with different ladies is all they’re actually doing…

As a result of getting into the courting world or getting into a relationship with such expectations to be financially supplied for, can’t solely get a lady into numerous hassle with poisonous and dangerous high quality males, however high quality relationships merely don’t start this manner. 

To not point out that for those who as an individual are smaller than the cash that reaches your fingers, the cash won’t ever stick with you. It can all the time go away you someway. 

As my husband states on this new video above, if you’re courting, you shouldn’t simply assume that ANY man owes any lady safety or provision. 

“Shield” and “present” is outwardly a person’s “function”, based on some ladies.

However for those who field a person into a task, then not solely do you mechanically usurp his freedom to be and expertise different elements of himself with you…

You’re primarily beginning off the connection as a value-sucking leech who expects males to adapt to the function that you’ve got created for them.

Let’s get this straight. 

If a person OR a lady goes into the courting world with a bunch of guidelines for a way the other intercourse needs to be for them, simply because they occur to inhabit the physique of the other intercourse, then they’re displaying up low worth.

An individual who’s displaying up low worth is a perpetual value-extractor, who’s un-attuned, and insensitive to how their guidelines and expectations have an effect on or harm different individuals, particularly males. 

Why does having guidelines for a way males undermine your relationship success?

As a result of if you comply with your guidelines, you can not have attunement. 

Attunement and guidelines don’t work collectively in synergy. 

A lady who values her guidelines and expectations for a way males needs to be is a lady who’s insensitive and unattuned. 

And the identical goes for males, by the best way! A person who has a bunch of guidelines for a way YOU needs to be as a lady (for him), is usually very thick, unattuned and insensitive to the way you really really feel and what you really worth. 

The truth is, you’ll think about any such man a crimson flag.

A majority of these males haven’t any grip on actuality. Wouldn’t you agree?

And this lack of attunement is what’s going to lead you for use by males.

Your rule for him to supply for you 100% received’t defend you in any respect. 

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The extra you need to take from males, the extra probably you’ll get utilized by males 

I’ve seen that some ladies consider that in the event that they enter a relationship with 50/50 in thoughts, then that enables males to make use of her and abuse her.

That is extremely misguided. 


As a result of what protects you from being utilized by poisonous or low cost males is definitely being attuned and being beneficiant. And that’s any sort of generosity; not simply monetary. 

Generosity means that you can really TEST a person to see the place he’s at.

Learn my article: How To Check Him To See If He Cares.

Being low cost, being emotionally lazy or fearful and filled with expectations really holds you again from true connection to a person. 

I do know courting is tough typically.

I do know males have harm you previously.

I do know there’s many males on the market with dangerous intent.

And I’m sorry what you’ve been by means of with males on the market. 

I perceive – as I’ve been harm, lied to, and cheated on myself (not by my husband).

Nevertheless, I additionally know, like many different ladies inside emotionally dedicated relationships know, that there’s loads of great, sensible and good-intentioned males on the market.

And these sensible and good-intentioned males would NEVER simply present financially for you from the primary date for the sake of it. 

In addition they wouldn’t 100% financially present for you for the sake of a rule that you just picked up alongside the best way. They don’t seem to be that silly.

Sensible males might be testing the way you reply to their gestures to deal with you, and be beneficiant with you. They received’t simply hand their cash over like it’s nothing in any respect, irrespective of how “wealthy” they’re. 

The truth is, the extra really wealthy and rich a person is (self made, relatively than getting fortunate with a wealthy daddy), the extra he cares about your intent round his cash.

It is because he labored onerous to earn it. He’s the actual deal, and he needs nothing lower than the actual deal in his lady, too.

So – be ready, as a result of sensible males might be testing you. 

Typically, it’s the males with crippling low self worth who need to manipulate others with cash. And these males will provide you with cash in a means that feels ‘off’, or unbalanced.

And guess what?

The extra determined you’re feeling as a lady, the more durable it will likely be so that you can discern whether or not his gestures are off-balance. 

Not solely that, however the extra determined you’re, the extra you need to take worth from males – the simpler it’s so that you can be manipulated. 

So right here is my humble suggestion:

No matter your values are, no matter your requirements are, don’t accept floor pondering and floor empowerment, as a result of floor pondering blinds you to the reality.

Dig deeper. Take extra accountability for connecting to males and feeling the place he’s at.

1,000 of probably the most empowered guidelines for a way males SHOULD be for you, won’t ever improve your intelligence, sensitivity, attunement or relationship success.

And if you’re a lady who has fashioned a deep emotional reference to a person at any level in her life, then might I ask you a query?

Is that emotional connection price extra to you? Or is cash price extra to you? 


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